KM 650

995 Tonne pressure powered hydraulic leather embossing machine with 5 function modes and 300 bar hydraulic pressure. Build with 50mm thick A1 class steel sheet.

Hyraulic Pressure (Bar)Plate Surface Pressure (kg/cm2)Total Pressure (Tonne)
Piston Diameter650 mm
Plate Dimensions 1370 mm x 1000 mm
Maximum Pressure Power 995 TONS
Main Frame Eregli A1 Certified 90 mm Thick Sheet Metal
HUB and Pistons Wrought Steel and Chrome Plate
Safety and Maintenance SystemsPhotodetector smart safety system, Breaking system, Oil cooling system, Oil cleaning system
Plate Heating 3 rezistances and steam systems on upper plate
Function Modes 1. Regular
2. Stand by Lock
3. Touch
4. Multi Pressure
5. Plate Change
Digital Indicators Thermostat, Time Displayer, Ammeter
Energy Consumption
Main Engine: 22 kW - 1.1 kW
Rezistance: 12 kW
Total: 35 kW
DimensionsL: 3010 mm, W: 1500 mm, H: 2800 mm
Net Weight21.000 kg